Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Children's Collection

I am sucker for a good collection--be it watching an entire television show, or buying a grouping of books. My current obsession is the Penguin English Library, which is a collection of absolutely eye-catching classics. I have 50 of the 100 books, and they are currently on exhibition in my apartment.

Not surprisingly, Penguin is responsible for another good looking collection. This one is less sophisticated in design--but that's okay, because it's some of our favorite kids' books!

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This Puffin collection is just delightful. Sure, I have Narnia and Harry Potter and there are many others, but this is a kid-lit canon with variety and accessible covers and timeless tales.

I think it would make a fab gift.
-Perhaps a group gift from a family to another family member with their first child?
-What about a to-be grandparent who will love to read and share stories with their little ones?
-A children's librarian
All the people and all the gifts!

There's something that tugs at the heartstrings with those well loved, well worn collections of our youth (are you thinking about Little Golden Books?), and I think this collection can reach a little older audience with a lot more love to give to reading.

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