Saturday, November 29, 2014

Book Covers Tell Stories

My friend from graduate school, Justin, sent me this link: Jane Austen, Reinvented.

I love it! I am appalled at some of the covers, but what a topic: the stories covers tell. The materials and the visuals on the cover often reflect the time period the book was published. The visuals also--and this is the part I like best--can tell a totally different side of the story than you anticipate. For example, the cover of Lydia flirting? Scandalous and not at all a part of the story you even closely witness. And the cover with the outrageous blurb "Mom's fishing for husbands--but the girl's are hunting for love..." Yeah, that's true, but not what the angle I would take.

The books I have are far less interesting and don't give me much to consider on the cover. I'll have to keep my eye out for cheap paperback versions with retro graphics, preferably ones that tell a different story than his pride and her prejudice.

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