Thursday, May 7, 2015

Finish Reading Before Recommending

Generally speaking, I'm not prone to recommending books, unless the person I'm talking with has similar tastes/interests as me. I don't read super popular books when they come out, in fact I don't usually even know what's coming out, what's getting buzz, etc. (I just read Water for Elephants and we all know that was the talk of the town back when I was an English major.) And most people aren't interested in Dickens, Austen, Hardy, and the other stuffy Brit Lit I enjoy.

But, there's been a definite shift in my consumption, as audiobooks have helped me experience so many more genres than I previously made time for. The near-daily Goodreads updates that my friends receive launch a lot of conversations, and I now find myself frequently giving my two cents on what I've read.

Well, I need to be more careful. This has actually prompted me to recommend books out of the blue, to groups of people, without prompting. Which would be okay, except the two books that I felt so passionately about recommending (where's the restraint of past Kristina?) turned out to be something I would never flippantly recommend to anyone. ANYONE. Not even me-like readers. I'd been singing their praises before finishing the books, and then had to actually email people and retract my recommendations! Or, at very least, lead with a stern warning of, "This shit is crazy." I'm not even kidding. I emailed people to take back my suggestion.

For most people, my crisis of faith was enough to turn them off said books. To the reader-friend who is most similar to me, my blatant revocation prompted her to drop everything and read the book immediately. To each their own, and that's why I love books. But I'm going to finish reading before I recommend anything ever again.

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