Friday, August 24, 2012

Words: ODO addition

Today I read about the latest additions to the Oxford Dictionaries Online, including "lolz"and "soul patch" and a "new sense" of the word "vote" (interesting in an election year... more on that later). When I first heard about this, I complained specifically about the new word "ridic" because it's just a shortened version of ridiculous. The counter argument from my new-word informant was that "memo" was just a shortened version of memorandum, and the only person who still used memorandums just died (Helen Gurley Brown). And then I realized I really do enjoy using "legit" instead of legitimate. But still... who would ever write "ridic?" It just looks ridiculous.

Answer: Stephen King.

"But that was ridic, as the kids said."

hardcover edition, page 330

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