Monday, April 6, 2015

The Good Thief's Guide to... by Chris Ewan

Amsterdam. Paris. Vegas.

I don't know how I came across this Good Thief's Guide series, but one day I was looking at my wish list on the library download site and thought, "Hey! You're going to Amsterdam soon, and the first book in this series is set in Amsterdam, give it a shot."

I know, my book-picking logic is flawless.

The stories follow author Charlie Howard, who writes a series of books about a thief getting into scrapes. The twist is that Charlie himself is a thief, and uses his experiences to write the books. You read a bit about the books he is writing but you're mostly following the adventures of Charlie.

I'm listening to this series on audiobook, which is the root of its charm. I've read some reviews that mention frustrations about the grammar and structure of the text. However, listening to it, the books are colloquial and easy to listen to. The characters aren't the most well-developed nor are the plots terribly plausible, but it's fun and I'll definitely venture to Berlin and Venice with Charlie.

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