Monday, March 23, 2015

Women's History Month Reading List

A friend sent me the link to this reading list for Women's History Month. I've never even considered reading to fit the theme of this month (although Black History Month was something I always thought should be influencing my reading), so it's great someone clued me in! Does it count that I'm reading Little Women? That doesn't seem too far fetched of a WHM pick.

This list has 30 books to read, either to encourage you to quit life and read one a day, or in case, like me, you've read a couple. I've read four, to be exact, and I doubt I read the full Year of Magical Thinking. On this list, I'm most interested in Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters. She is the author of Fingersmith, another sexy little neo-Victorian book focused on the ladies. I've wanted to read more of her stuff since college. My next interest is Eleanor Catton's New Zealand mystery, The Luminaries. It's almost 900 pages and the author is young and smart and awesome, so I'm sold.

Added them both to my Goodreads... for next WHM.

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